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TeAx ThermalCapture Fusion Remote Control

TeAx ThermalCapture Fusion Remote Control - Sphere
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  • Onboard computing power: A full Linux computer on a small EOIR camera
  • Real-Time processing
  • AI-Ready: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms possible
  • Full control, real time I/O and data privacy
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The future today: intelligent, AI Thermal drone operations enabled - meet the new add-on ThermalCapture Smart +
  • Interfaces: 2x USB 3.0, Micro-HDMI, Micros-SD, Gigabit Ethernet, TC Fusion I/O, Power (12-34V)
  • Processing Unit: NVIDIA Tegra K1, Quad Core, 2GB RAM, 192 NVIDIA CUDA® Cores
  • Pre-Installed Software: Ubuntu Linux, OpenCV, Qt