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TeAx ThermalCapture 2.0 OEM

TeAx ThermalCapture 2.0 OEM - Sphere
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  • Only small drone device, which is capable of recording the full thermal frame rates
  • Per pixel temperature measurements
  • Store Digital RAW data on Micro SD Card
  • Analog live video output
  • Stores position and time (GPS + PPS)
  • S Bus compatible
  • Remote controlable
  • Available in 9Hz and 30Hz
  • Compatible with FLIR software tools

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ThermalCapture OEM stores fully radiometric per pixel temperature data onto a Micro SD card directly on-board of your UAV. This eliminates transmission errors and enables you to do per pixel temperature measurements with a thermal resolution of 0.04 degrees. Via the analog video output you get a live video stream to find the perfect view to the object of desire.

Various I/O ports let you change color palettes or zoom levels remotely and precise position and time information can be obtained from external GPS receivers, or via Mavlink input. ThermoViewer is our free software to process recorded data. Important images can be easily selected and exported into various formats, including radiometric JPG files, which can be processed with all existing FLIR software tools.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 60mm3 (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 95g, incl. FLIR Tau2 Core
  • Resolution: 640 x 512 pixel
  • Thermal resolution: 0.04K