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Skydio X2D Starter Kit (5GHz, Colour/Thermal) (1-year term)

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  • Magnetic Mount Battery
  • 6x Navigation Cameras
  • Low Noise Propellers
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Strobe Lighting
  • 4K HDR Camera w/ 16x Zoom
  • FLIR Boson 320P thermal imager
  • Front-mounted Gimbal


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Skydio X2D Colour/Thermal is the ultimate UAS solution for aerial reconnaissance and situational awareness.

X2D is powered by Skydio Autonomy Enterprise, an AI-driven autonomous flight engine that enables unparalleled 360° obstacle avoidance, autonomous tracking, GPS-denied navigation, and complete workflow automation. X2D is designed with a ruggedised, foldable airframe, GPS-based night flight, strobing lights in visible and IR wavelength, and a dual sensor payload with a 12MP colour camera and FLIR® 320x256 thermal sensor.

Built to exceed the Short-Range Reconnaissance (SRR) requirements for the U.S. Army, Skydio X2D is designed and assembled in the USA, and is compliant with the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA).

  • 1x Skydio X2D 5GHz vehicle
  • 1x Skydio Enterprise Controller 5GHz
  • 3x batteries
  • 1x dual charger
  • 1x spare propeller blades set
  • 1x tactical soft case
  • 1x admin hard case
  • 1x Skydio Autonomy Enterprise perpetual license with three (1) year maintenance and support.
  • Skydio X2D vehicle includes:
    • Dual streaming Color/Thermal payload
    • NDAA compliance
    • Ground control via the Skydio Enterprise App and Blue sUAS QGC App
    • 2x 256GB SD Cards (pre-installed)
  • Skydio Enterprise Controller includes Skydio Enterprise App offline.


Dimensions (In flight) 663 x 570 x 212 mm
Dimensions (Folded, No battery) 140 x 302 x 92 mm
Weight (With battery) 1,325 g
Colour Camera 4K60P HDR Camera with 16x digital zoom
Thermal Camera FLIR Boson 320P thermal imager with 8x digital zoom

Skydio Autonomy

Main Processor NVIDIA Tegra X2 SoC
GPU 256-core NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU
CPU Dual-Core NVIDIA Denver 2 64-bit CPU
Quad-Core ARM®-A57 MPCore
RAM 4 GB 128-bit LPDDR4
Obstacle Avoidance Coverage Omnidirectional and above/below
super fisheye lenses for 360° view
3D World Model Update Rate > 1 million points per second
World Model-to-Action Update Rate 500 iterations per second
Onboard AI 9 custom deep networks used in flight
User-selectable Subjects for Tracking People and motor vehicles
Object Tracking and Identification Up to 10 simultaneous objects of interest
Calibration Automated online calibration of lens
parameters, camera rotations, wind
speed, and air density


Dimensions 273 x 133 x 76 mm
Weight 1,130 g
Flight Time Up to 35 minutes

Dual 2-axis joysticks, dual rockers & 10 buttons


GPS, Barometer, Compass, Gyro, ACC


256 GB


Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Controller Software

Applications Skydio Enterprise
Wireless Links 4G LTE capable
Wired Links USB 3.1, (via dongle) HDMI
Operating Frequencies 5 GHz
Max Range Expected up to 6 km
Bandwidth Selection 5/20 MHz
Video 720p/30fps

System Security

Wireless Encryption AES-256
Firmware Signed and encrypted
Media encryption Encrypted SD cards with physical security keys
Controls Ability to provision and deprovision devices
Infrastructure Key provisioning burned-in at time of manufacture
Suited Applications:
Suited Industries:

CASA Know Your Drone

Rules for recreational drone operators

  • You must not fly your drone higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level.
  • You must keep your drone at least 30 metres away from other people.
  • You must only fly one drone at a time.
  • You must keep your drone within visual line-of-sight. This means always being able to see the drone with your own eyes (rather than through a device, screen or goggles).
  • You must not fly over or above people or in a populous area. This could include beaches, parks, events, or sport ovals where there is a game in progress.
  • Respect personal privacy. Don’t record or photograph people without their consent — this may breach other laws.
  • If your drone weighs more than 250 grams, you must fly at least 5.5 kilometres away from a controlled airport, which generally have a control tower at them.
  • Remember, you must not operate your drone in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property.
  • You must only fly during the day and you must not fly through cloud or fog.
  • You must not fly your drone over or near an area affecting public safety or where emergency operations are underway. This could include situations such as a car crash, police operations, a fire or firefighting efforts or search and rescue.
  • If you're near a helicopter landing site or smaller aerodrome without a control tower, you can fly your drone within 5.5 kilometres. If you become aware of manned aircraft nearby, you will have to manoeuvre away and land your drone as quickly and safely as possible.
  • If you intend to fly your drone for or at work (commercially), there are extra rules you must follow. You will need a remote pilot licence (RePL) or fly in the excluded category (sub-2 kilogram or private landholder).

Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge with our practice quiz on Australia’s drone safety rules.

Where can I fly?

Download a CASA-verified drone safety app to find out where you can and can’t fly your drone.

Report unsafe flying

If you believe you've seen someone breaking the rules, you can report it to CASA. Fines of up to $1,110 can be issued per offence. If the matter is taken to court, fines of up to $11,100 can be imposed.