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Polar Pro - DJI CrystalSky - 7.85" Storage Case

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SKU: CS-7.85-Case
Weight: 0.143 kg
  • Custom molded EVA case protects your 7.85-inch CrystalSky
  • Foam padding on top and bottom provides extreme protection on your toughest adventures
  • Fits with the battery and PolarPro 7.85-inch Screen Cover installed on the CrystalSky
  • Compact size fits in any backpack and most camera cases

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The PolarPro CrystalSky 7.85-inch case will protect your monitor throughout your toughest adventures. The custom molded soft shell protects your CrystalSky while remaining easy to store in a backpack or most camera bags.

The case is designed to hold the CrystalSky monitor with the battery installed. Protective foam lines the top and bottom cover to secure your CrystalSky in the case and provides shock absorption.  

Height: 2.5 inches (64mm)

Width: 10.0 inches (253mm)

Depth: 7.6 inches (192mm)

Weight: 9.0 ounces (255g