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Pix4D Agriculutre UAV Mapping Software (Yearly)

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Convert multispectral and RGB images into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields. Pix4Dag easily fits into your operation. 

Pix4Dag converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps, like NDVI, and uses RGB images to generate high resolution orthomosaics. Easily integrate drone-based technology into your Ag operations, processing locally when and where you want.

Using the data you collect you can create the following:

  • Reflectance Maps
  • Index Maps (e.g. NDVI, NDRE)
  • Orthomosaics 
  • Application Maps

  KlauGeomatics have created a plug and play PPK (post processed kinematic) camera positioning system that can be integrated with most cameras on most UAVs. A perfect addition to your drone to supply industry solutions for the task at hand. An adept tool for 3D modelling, agriculture and aerial inspection. We truly...

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Pix4D provide many industry solutions for adaptable and professional workflows by the integration of drone based technology. The Pix4Dag will convert your multispectral images into precise reflectance and index maps. This program is perfect for your agricultural tasks to analyse your crops on a high-tech level to process locally when and where you...

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When it comes to multispectral sensors, Parrot and MicaSense are at the top of their game. Its devices like these that revolutionise the agriculture industry by providing information on plant's health which allows farmers to have more control over their crops at a micro-plot level.There are many similarities and differences between...

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As you may know, technology moves fast in the world of drones and it can be difficult to keep up. The good news is we're here to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to choosing a solution. Here at Sphere Drones we pride ourselves on our expertise...

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