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Microdrones +t (for mdMapper200/1000) (No Sensor)

SKU: PK-02-006
Add value to your services offering with +t, our thermal mapping add-on. Whether you’re providing a solution for farms with persistent irrigation issues or including one more preventive measure into aerial assessments, +t will help ensure thermal issues are identified weeks before they can be detected visually – and long before they cause permanent damage. Help your clients be as efficient as they can be with +t.

The +t add-on features a FLIR Vue Pro R thermal mapping sensor that allows you to:

  • Identify irrigation issues before crops suffer irreparable yield loss
  • Inspect and detect problems with solar panels
  • Identify building heat loss via the roof, etc.

Email us at or call us on 1800 549 821 to purchase this product.
This thermal mapping add-on will provide your Microdrones model with the capability to perform a range of tasks from precision agriculture to asset and infrastructure assessment. This collaboration with the thermal imaging experts at FLIR will prove to be an extremely valuable commercial tool for your aerial platform.

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