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Microdrones +i (for mdMapper1000 - Gimbal Only)

SKU: PK-02-004

Turn your mdMapper1000 into a powerful aerial inspection tool with the +i add-on. This system makes it easy to collect data to create accurate three-dimensional models. With +i, you can:

  • Take images of structures from various angles, thanks to brushless gimbals
  • View what the camera sees in realtime on a 7-inch monitor with tripod frame images
  • Capture outstanding imagery with a Sony Alpha a6300 with controlled zoom lens (16–50mm)
Whether you’re completing infrastructure inspections, planning engineering work, or surveying construction sites, +i will add flexibility.
Email us at or call us on 1800 549 821 to purchase this product.
Upgrade your mdMapper1000 into one of the most powerful aerial inspection and mapping tools on the market. Please note that this is for the Nadir Gimbal Mount only and does not include the Sony α6300 camera.
Whats Included:
  • Nadir Gimbal and Mount





Flight Parameters     Area Covered (@120m)30 ha (74 ac)60 ha (148 ac)80 ha (198 ac)
Camera modelSony QX-10Sony α6300Sony RX1R II
Imagery formatJPEGRAW + JPEGRAW + JPEG
G.S.D. cm/pixel (@120m)3.2 cm2.4 cm1.6 cm
Overlaps (front/side)80% / 60%80% / 60%60% / 40%
Post-Processing   MethodAerial TriangulationAerial TriangulationOptimized Aerial Triangulation / GNSS-Inertial Solution
OrientationCalculated during the A.T.Calculated during the A.T.High precision Sensor (INS)
PositionGNSS UAVGNSS UAVHigh precision Sensor (GNSS)
Accuracy2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) with GCP2.5cm (X,Y) and 5 cm (Z) without GCP
Advantages     Small area mapping  Large area mapping  
  • No GCP needed
  • Efficient flight planning – cover greater areas
  • Efficient post-processing (EO apriori and less images)