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Flyability Elios - Two-day Specialised Training at Flyability Office

SKU: 104575
  • Two days of specialized training in real assets.
  • Includes up to two participants

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During the Introductory Training, you will learn all the basics of Elios, practice flying, and discover all of its features. In order to go beyond the basics and cover extensively all the preparation and tips and tricks needed to perform proper inspections, the specialized training ensures you can tackle the most difficult inspections. For these reasons, Sphere Drones have used the experience gathered by Flyability Professional Services (FPS) through more than 200 inspections to build the core of the specialized training and set up specialized training courses worldwide. To ensure attendees improve their piloting skills, we go through a variety of scenarios using a mix of assets during all our specialized courses.

In the box:

  • Follow 2 hours of theory
  • Fly in all type of scenarios and assets to experience various conditions (dust, large areas in the dark, small pipes, etc)
  • Try different types of inspection (reconnaissance flight, systematic inspection, local inspection)
  • Try Search and Rescue techniques
  • Try Elios accessories: Camera Operator Ground Control Station, Range Extender, and Screen Sharing
  • Each time the trainee goes to a new asset, he will:
    a. Perform a primary risk assessment using the Mission Difficulty Assessment Card and a portfolio of pictures
    b. Make a reconnaissance flight
    c. Review his risk assessment and compare it with the assessment of an expert
    d. Perform a local or a systematic inspection
    e. Get an evaluation feedback from an expert.
  • Finish the course by simulating the real inspection of an asset. Go through all the preparation steps, the risk assessment, the flight, and the footage review. The last inspection is chosen according to the specialized training course you selected.

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