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Flyability Elios 2 Starter Package

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Confined, dangerous and often impossible indoor inspection is soon to be a thing of the past. The Elios 2 from Flyability - the world's first collision-resistant drone, is making traditional inspection methods obsolete. With its remarkable ability to not only access these spaces and provide instant, high-accuracy data, but it can also achieve this without risk to personnel, damage to itself or the inspection area.

In the box:

x 1 Elios 2 drone

x 1 2.4 GHz digital RC and video receiver

x 1 Samsung android tablet

x 3 Robot batteries

x 2 Robot battery chargers

x 1 Transport case

x 1 Battery storage safe bag

x 1 Toolbox with spare propellers and all required tools for maintenance

x 2 Micro SD cards

x 6 Spare cage pentagons

DimensionsFits in a < 400 mm sphere; 15.75 in
Motors4 fast reversing electric brushless motors
Take-off weight< 1450 g ; < 3,2 lbs Includes battery, payload & protection
Max flight timeUp to 10 min
Max ascent speed1.5 m/s ; 5 ft/s
Max decent speed1 m/s; 3,3 ft/s
Max Speed1.3 m/s (Optical mode) ; 4,25 ft/s 4 m/s (Attitude mode) ; 13.12 ft/s 6.5 m/s (Sport mode) ; 19.69 ft/s
Max Pitch Angle0.15 rad (Attitude mode) 0.2 rad (Optical mode) 0.3 rad (Sport mode)
Max wind resistance3 m/s (Optical mode) ; 9,85 ft/s 5 m/s (Sport mode) ; 16,4 ft/s
Flight control sensorsIMU, magnetometer, barometer, 7 vision and distance sensors
MaterialsCarbon fiber composites, magnesium alloy, aeronautical grade aluminum, high-quality thermoplastics
Operating temp0 °C to 50 °C* ; 32 °F to 122 °F
Flight ModesOPTI - Optical mode ATTI - Attitude mode SPORT - Sport mode
Fail safeAuto-landing on signal lost
Operating frequency2404 – 2483 MHz (UAV to RC)
EIRP2.4 GHz: ≤ 32 dBm (FCC); ≤20 dBm (CE); ≤10 dBm/MHz (MIC)
Ingress ProtectionSplash and dust resistant
Noise Level99 dB(A) hover 120 dB(A) max @ 1m
Suited Applications:
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