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Flyability Elios 2 - Duo Package

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Confined, dangerous and often impossible indoor inspection is soon to be a thing of the past. The Elios 2 from Flyability - the world's first collision-resistant drone, is making traditional inspection methods obsolete. With its remarkable ability to not only access these spaces and provide instant, high-accuracy data, but it can also achieve this without risk to personnel, damage to itself or the inspection area.

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Considered a world-first, the collision-tolerant Elios 2 is designed for confined, dangerous and human inaccessible indoor locations. Housed within its protective frame, it can secure highly-accurate data with no risk to itself, other equipment and most importantly, personnel.

This stabilisation technology allows the Elios 2 to fly with remarkable accuracy and precision in environments that cannot access a GPS signal. Seven stability sensors provide perfect hovering and navigation while the Elios 2 takes and transmits razor-sharp images.

Small in stature but big on ability, the Elios 2 can access indoor spaces and locations never previously considered possible. Only 40cm in size, it can capture and instantly deliver image data in areas no other drone can match.

For inspection applications requiring long, visual inspections such as welding seams on pipes, the Elios 2 can be set via ‘distance lock’ to create a consistent flight distance from the inspection item at all times allowing for high-accuracy imaging.

With beyond line of sight (BLOS) ability, the Elios 2’s wireless transmission allows complete operator control through walls and past obstacles. A Range Extender is also available for more complex indoor inspection applications.

Essential for operation critical inspections, the Elios 2’s high-definition camera allows for sharp images and video to be instantly transmitted. In addition, this high-resolution First-Person View (FPV), creates high situational awareness for the pilot.

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