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Fire Retardant LiPo Battery Bag (250mm x 330mm)

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Weight: 0.135 kg

• Tough, fire retardant construction
• Large size for bigger packs
• Hook and Loop top fastenong
• Easy to store when not in use

LiPoly batteries are a fantastic power source for all of our RC needs, but do need to be treated with respect due to their phenomenal energy density.

The golden rule when charging LiPoly packs is never to leave them unattended, but you can improve on this by using one of these fire retardant charging bags so that, should a mishap occur any conflagration will be contained within the bag and cannot impinge on surrounding surfaces.

These bags are made of super strong fire retardant fiberglass woven fabric and will stand very high temperatures for a reasonable period of time. The bags are stitched together with an extremely strong fire retardant thread and the flap is secured in place with hook and loop tape.

Material: Fire retardant fiberglass woven fabric
Length: 330mm
Width: 250mm
Weight: 135g

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