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Elistair - Safe-T (100m) Smart Tethering Station

SKU: Safe-T

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The Safe-T integrates the Elistair ultra-light micro-tether that also provides continuous power to a wide range of drones. With its smart power management and safety features, Safe-T has thousands of hours of reliable flights logged around the globe.

At Sphere Drones, we also carry the compact Elistair Air Module that easily integrates with multiple drones enabling them to switch from tethered flight to battery flight as required.

In addition, a wide range of adaptation kits so you can use your Safe-T with multiple drones.

Other key features include:

  • The Tether Management System is computer controlled, fully programmable and remotely actionable
  • Offers outstanding performance (power, weight, data rate and ease-of-use)
  • Has safety features and monitoring via the T-Monitor smartphone app
  • Unlimited power supply
  • Plug and fly connection
  • Fully automated smart winch
  • High -speed secured data transfer

In use since 2014, Safe-T is truly field-proven. It is a powerful and rugged tool that is compact, easy-to-use and quick to deploy in the field by a single operator.

Safe-T also incorporates proprietary software, with fine-tuned control that limits the impact of the micro-tether on the drone flight and prevents entanglements or wear on the cable.