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DJI Ronin-S/SC - Part 11 L-Bracket Plate with Counterweight

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SKU: DJIRoninSC-11
Barcode: 6958265195624
Weight: 0.01 kg Key Features:
  • Several mounting holes and counterweights for a more flexible installation of the camera.
Multiple mounting holes and counterweights for more flexible camera configuration.

In the box:

x 1 L-shaped support

x 1 L-shaped fixing plate 

x 1 Roll axis arm flange 

x 1 Counterweight mounting rail 

x 3 Counterweight (200 g)

x 3 Counterweight (100 g)

 x 21/4 '' screw

x 2Allen key 

L-shaped support, L-shaped mounting plate, roll axis arm flange and counterweight mounting rail: 203 g

Counterweight: About 900 g

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