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Polar Pro - DJI Inspire 1 Filters 3-Pack - Sphere
Polar Pro - DJI Inspire 1 Filters 3-Pack - Sphere
Polar Pro

Polar Pro - DJI Inspire 1 Filters 3-Pack

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$73.00RRP: $102.30
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The PolarPro Filter 3-Pack for the DJI Inspire 1 camera is the perfect set for capturing epic aerial videos. Includes the three most popular filters for aerial imaging, a polariser, 3-stop ND, and 4-stop ND. The filters are designed to be ultra-light for use with the DJI Inspire 1 gimbal weighing only 7 (polz) and 5.8 grams (ND's). The PolarPro Inspire 1 filters are made with a high resolution glass for razor sharp images and videos.  

PolarPro CP Polariser Filter (Glare Reduction):

The Circular Polariser Filter reduces the large amount of glare bouncing off the ground and water when filming from an elevated perspective.  While also improving colour saturation and contrast, the Polariser allows the camera to capture the best quality possible.

PolarPro Neutral Density 3-Stop (ND8):

This 3-Stop Neutral Density (ND) filter reduces the camera’s shutter speed while keeping the exposure the same, making it the most common filter for filming from the sky.  Ideal for smoothing out quadcopter video and rolling shutter, this 2-Stop ND filter reduces lens flare while shooting into the sun, and toning down highlights on mildly bright days.

PolarPro Neutral Density 4-Stop (ND16):

The 4-Stop ND Filter is designed for filming in very bright conditions and giving you more control over shutter speed. We use this filter most when filming near snow, or on extremely bright days. 


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