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Delair DT26X LiDAR

Delair DT26X LiDAR - Sphere
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The only professional BVLOS LiDAR UAV in the world, exclusive to Sphere Drones.

High-quality dual-sensor mapping : A unique longrange fixed-wing UAV offering a dual-sensor payload for simultaneous LiDAR and photogrammetry mapping. Benefit from true point cloud colorization which simplifies the classification process.

Safe technology: Advanced automatic failsafe modes, an emergency parachute, and safety analysis conducted according to aeronautical standards (ARP4761). Ready for airworthiness certifications with local CAA.

Quick return on investment: Beat traditional airborne solutions by capturing high-resolution data on-demand without costly mobilzation fees or long leadtimes. Unlike other LiDAR drones, collect LiDAR and photogrammetry in a single flight up to 110 minutes, increasing productivity and decreasing operational costs.

Accuracy matters: Direct georeferencing technology with the Applanix APX-15 enables centimeter-level accuracy for precision mapping of infrastructure, vegetation, forests, and the bare earth.