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Aerial Services - Mapping and Surveying

Aerial Services - Mapping and Surveying - Sphere Drones
Aerial Services - Mapping and Surveying - Sphere Drones

Aerial Services - Mapping and Surveying

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If you need to carry out aerial mapping or surveying, let our professional Sphere experts and operators do the work for you. 


Our drone operators can collect accurate and up-to-date data for you with a remotely piloted aircraft, which delivers unparalleled visual insights and provides your business with an incredibly cost-effective method of detailed mapping and surveying. 


UAVs are the most powerful tools for safely and efficiently capturing detailed aerial data. We utilise software such as Pix4D and Atlas which generate informative and useful planning tools such as point cloud maps, chlorophyll maps and more.


Our CASA-certified drone operators are experts in capturing high resolution images and delivering mapping and surveying with accuracy, safety and speed. This allows users to make detailed assessments, plan for better operational efficiency and respond to critical situations when required.


Every team member at Sphere is highly experienced and passionate about drone technology, and our aerial mapping and surveying operators are committed to delivering excellence. Call us on 02 9318 0566 today.