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Acecore - NEO RTF
Acecore - NEO RTF
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Acecore Technologies

Acecore - NEO RTF

SKU: 160000 Key Features:
  • Weatherproof
  • ADS-B ready
  • Carbon fibre
  • AES 256 Encryption
  • Dutch design
  • Triple redundancy
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The NEO is a lightweight multipurpose Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle for commercial use. Its eight - rotor supported frame is designed to give the Pilot in Command the opportunity to use it for almost every mission in various weather conditions. The powerful and custom designed brushless motors increase the level of redundancy and make the system incredibly resistant for stronger wind gusts and high payloads. Due to the flexibility of mounting different battery capacity packs, it enables you to swap payloads. With a maximum take-off mass of 19 kg the NEO is an ideal platform for applicants with the highest demands.

Flight time - Max. 25 minutes

Payload weight - Max. 9 kilograms

Motors - 8 brushless Acecore motors

MTOW - 19 kg/ 41.89 lbs

Dimensions - (lxwxh) 1107x1107x635 mm

Autopilot - Cube

Wind Resistance - Max. 35 knots continuous

Build - True carbon fibre

Power - Tattu 10.000mAh, 17.000mAh or 23.000mAh

Suited Applications:
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