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Curo for Pilots

Improve Efficiency & Operations

Procedures & Checklists

Gain quick access to all the relevant standard operating procedures and checklists for when you need them. Better yet, associate your documentation to the things they are relevant to, such as your Pre- and Post-Flight Checklists to your Operation, or a Maintenance Checklist to a Support Case.

Flight Authorisations

Keep your Flight Authorisation process clean and orderly with a fully digital lodgement workflow. Curo’s Operation Assessments can be used as templates for repeated Operations, streamlining the approval process for operators and administrators alike.

Training Management

Team member training is an important part of ensuring operations run smoothly and the correct laws are followed. Keep track of everything from required licenses to internal training and assessments to remove any chance of confusion over the lifetime of operations.

Taking Care of Your Drone Operations.

The first and only drone management platform combined with end-to-end client support services.

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