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About Us


Founded in 2012 by Paris Cockinos, Sphere Drones originated from Paris’ childhood interest in hobby aeroplanes and helicopters. As drone technologies emerged around the world, Paris employed his aerial platform knowledge with an entrepreneurial edge to launch what is now one of the leading drone retailers and service providers in the country.

As an authorised distributor of industry juggernauts, Sphere Drones provides sales, services, and repairs to clients in both the consumer and commercial marketplaces. Located in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, our showroom and office features state of the art facilities, allowing us to meet specific customer requirements. Within the commercial division, Sphere caters to a number of industries, including but not limited to;

  • Film Production
  • Mining
  •  Agriculture
  • Asset Inspection
  • Mapping and Surveying
  • Surveillance
  • Search and Rescue

In recent times, Sphere Drones has expanded, with the addition of our Aerial Division. Operating under a CASA certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operating Certificate (ReOC #1114), our pilots offer their services to businesses across the country.

The other division of Sphere Communications, Paris Radio Electronics, was started by Paris Senior back in 1954. We have been supplying and maintaining radio communication systems to the airline and security industries ever since. Today, we are major reseller for Motorola and ICOM two-way radios and are authorised distributors for a range of professional weather-monitoring products including brands such as Peet Bros and Boltek.

Attention Matters

As a family business we understand the value of personal, individual attention regardless of the size or requirements of the client. We are small enough to offer this level of attention, but large enough to cater for the requirements of a multinational. Our goal is simple. The right solution for every client.

Experience Matters

We bring more than 20 years of collective knowledge and experience to developing commercial drone solutions. We have worked with many organisations and understand the complexities of commercial applications and apply our knowledge and experience to develop UAV solutions that work.

Trust Matters

We work to earn the trust of our clients. We communicate in an open, transparent, and objective manner to ensure the outcomes are mutually beneficial. We also trust our suppliers and the equipment and services they provide. We have developed this working and open relationship over many years and know our clients benefit from this.