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Xtreme Research Corporation

Xtreme Research Corporation specializes in radar and lightning detection. The EWS-PRO is the only professional-grade portable lightning detection and early warning device. It is a self-contained instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning striking over 40 miles away and to accurately track a storm's approach with both its audible horn & its large LED visual alerts. The LED alerts are in four ranges, providing vital information when the storm approaches. The audible horn is set by the user to any strike range to make storm tracking easier.

The M-7 handheld metal detector is a perfect partner for use with the XT-8000 portable walkthrough system or as a stand-alone personal search and detection device. The M-7 handheld metal detector is the same detector in use all over the world where security requirements demand a handheld metal detector with optimum performance. It is a compact wand-type metal detector that can be worn on the belt and weighs just 12 ounces. An optional ballistic nylon belt holster is available along with an earplug which allows silent operation of the M-7.

Skyscan lightning storm detect

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Mounting bracket for Skyscan

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Carry case for P5

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