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Training Services

As an Australian-owned family business, Sphere not only carries the best range of drones and advanced UAV technology, but we also enable both individuals and businesses to commercially operate drones by providing them with the most comprehensive CASA-certified RPAS Training Services. 

Individuals who want to fly drones commercially

If you’re an individual and wish to fly drones commercially, Australian regulations stipulate you need to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). To enable you to receive an RePL, we provide two options:

A 5-day intensive face-to-face course


An online course that features 2-day face-to-face training. This option is for experienced flyers only. 

Choosing either of the two options will provide you with practical flight training, your training materials, your Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) and your English Language Proficiency certification.

Our course incorporates both theoretical and practical assessments, and is completed under the one location. Once you’ve completed the course, your application will be sent to CASA for official certification.

Business owners or representatives that want to fly drones commercially

If you own or represent a business or company and you want to fly drones commercially, you need to obtain a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). As a ReOC holder, you are qualified to employ one or more individual remote pilots, and you’ll be able to conduct RPAS operations for commercial gain. 

To be certified with an ReOC, your business needs to develop an Operations Manual and an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Operational Procedures Library, both of which will communicate how you operate legally and safely. You’ll also be assessed by CASA on your knowledge of regulations and safety practices.

At Sphere, we can help you develop your Operations Manual and Operations Library, and assist you in your preparation for your CASA assessment. If you have any questions, please contact our experienced team today on 02 9318 0566. 

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