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DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System

DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
DJI Agras MG-1P w/ Spraying System
  • Double efficiency and turning range
  • Security with vision
  • Stable, reliable and ergonomic
  • Improved high-precision radar
  • Precise positioning and resistance to interference
  • Convenient and powerful operating modes
  • Multi-drone control mode
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    In the box:

    x 1 Agras MG-1P /Without Built In RTK Air

    x 1 Remote Control

    x 1 Spraying system

    Aircraft Frame

    Diagonal Wheelbase:1500 mm
    Frame Arm Length:619 mm
    Dimensions:MG-1P: 1460×1460×578 mm (arms unfolded, without propellers)
    780×780×578 mm (arms folded)

    MG-1P RTK: 1460×1460×616 mm (arms unfolded, without propellers)
    780×780×616 mm (arms folded)
    Flight Parameters
    Total Weight (without battery):9.7 kg
    Standard Takeoff Weight:23.8 kg (MG-1P)
    23.9 kg (MG-1P RTK)
    Max Takeoff Weight:24.8 kg (at sea level)
    Max Thrust-to-Weight Ratio:1.71 (with 23.8 kg takeoff weight)
    Power Battery:Designated DJI Battery (MG-12000P)
    Max Power Consumption:6400 W
    Hovering Power Consumption:3800 W (with 23.7 kg takeoff weight?
    Hovering Time*:20min (@12000 mAh & 13.7 kg takeoff weight)
    9 min (@12000 mAh & 23.7 kg takeoff weight)
    *Hovering time acquired at sea level, with wind speeds lower than 3m/s.
    Max Operating Speed:7 m/s
    Max Flying Speed:12 m/s?P & F mode, with GPS?,
    15 m/s ?A mode?
    Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:2000 m
    Recommended Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C
    Aircraft RTK
    Positioning System:GPS+GLONASS (global) or GPS+Beidou (Asia-Pacific)
    Frequency Point:GPS L1&L2, GLONASS F1&F2
    Asia-Pacific: GPS L1&L2, Beidou B1&B2
    Positioning Accuracy:Flat Surface: 1 cm + 1 ppm
    Height:2 cm + 1 ppm
    Orientation Accuracy:(0.2/R) °R is the distance between two antennas and the unit is meter.
    Velocity Measurement Accuracy:0.03 m/s
    Remote Controller Charger
    Voltage:17.4 V
    Rated Power:57 W
    Battery Model:MG-12000P
    Voltage:44.4 V
    Discharge Rate:20 ?
    Protection Rating:IP54
    Capacity:12,000 mAh
    Weight:4.0 kg
    High-Precision Radar Module
    Working Frequency:MIC & KCC: 24.05 GHz - 24.25 GHz
    SRRC & CE & FCC: 24.00 GHz - 24.25 GHz
    Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP):MIC/KCC/FCC/CE: 20dBm; SRRC: 13dBm
    Radar Format:FMCW
    Operating Temperature:-10 to 40°C
    Accuracy Range0.10 m
    Radar Dimensions:109×152 mm
    Power Input:DC 12 V – 30 V
    Radar Weight:406 g
    Power Consumption:12 W
    Storage Temperature:If storing < 3 months: -20 to 45°C;
    If storing > 3 months: -0 to 28°C
    Hold Altitude & Terrain Follow:Altitude Measurement Range: 1-30 m;
    Hold Altitude Range: 1.5-3.5 m
    Obstacle Sensory Range:1.5-30 m
    (Varies according to the material, position, shape, and other properties of the obstacle)
    Working Condition:The aircraft’s relative altitude is greater than 1.5 m and flying speed is less than 7 m/s.
    Safety Distance:2.5 m
    Obstacle Avoidance Direction:Forward and backward obstacle avoidance according to flying directions
    Protection Rating:IP67
    Spray System
    Volume:10 L
    Standard Operating Payload:10 kg
    Max Battery Size:151×195×70 mm
    Model:XR11001VS (0.379 L/min?
    Recommend Model:TX-VK8 (0.525L/min?
    Droplet Size (XR11001VS):130 - 250 μm (subject to working environment and spraying speed?
    Remote Controller
    Operating Frequency:2.400 - 2.483 GHz (Europe, Japan, South Korea)
    5.725 - 5.850 GHz (China, USA)
    Max Transmission Range:NCC/FCC: 5 km;
    SRRC/CE/MIC/KCC: 3 km
    EIRP:2.4GHz: CE/MIC/KCC:<20 dBm;
    5.8GHz: SRRC/NCC/FCC:<26 dBm;
    Remote Controller Battery:External Battery 4920mAh, 2s LiPo
    Built-in Battery 320mAh, 2s LiPo
    Output Power:16W
    Operating Temperature Range:-10 to 40°C
    Storage Temperature Range:If storing < 3 months: -20 to 45°C
    If storing > 3 months: 22 to 28°C
    Charging Temperature Range:5 to 40°C
    Remote Controller Charging Hub
    Output Voltage:8.7V
    Max Output Current:6A
    MG Intelligent Battery Charger
    Rated Input Voltage:100-240 V
    Max Input Current:15A
    Number of Batteries Available for Simultaneous Charging:2
    Charging Mode:CC/CV
    Rated Output Voltage:50.4 V
    Total Output Power:2400 W