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Custom Solutions - Peristaltic Water Sampling Solution V2.0 for M600


  • Precision water sampling without the risk
  • Integration with DJI Matrice 600 Series
  • Sample 2L of water in less than 2 minutes
  • Compliant with NATA sampling requirements
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With Sydney Water’s success utilising the Sphere Drones’ proprietary water sampling solution - Water Sampler V1.0, a new version has been released that not only leverages the remarkable ability of V1.0, but substantially improves its overall effectiveness in securing water samples in remote, unsafe and human inaccessible locations. Water sampler V2.0, has been upgraded to allow it to now secure a full 2-litre water sample in a single sortie, while its new streamlined design improves aerial manoeuvring. With its on-board GPS and being carried by the powerhouse Matrice 600 drone, centimetre accurate water sampling is now being achieved.

Dry Weight - 2.35kg 

Pump Speed -  ≈2L per Min

Dimensions - 300x230x245mm

Operating Temperature - 0-50°C

Ambient Humidity Range - 20-80% RH

Liquid Temperature Range - 5-50°C

Max Operational Height From Water - 3m

Tank Capacity - 2L