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Sentera - Phantom 4/4 Pro Double 4K Analytics (Wide NDVI + Narrow RGB)


  • Stand Counts
  • All-Season Crop Health
  • Weed Identification
  • Elevation Maps
  • 3D Maps

SKU: 21912-11

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When the only constant is change, your constant source of certainty is Sentera. The Double 4K sensors (Wide NDVI + Narrow RGB) at the heart of the Scouting Package for Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro let you simultaneously collect normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) and normalised difference red edge (NDRE) data for a vegetative health report card that’s more complete than ever before.

Get the facts fast and call the shots in all conditions throughout the year for the widest range of crops possible. Extra batteries and equipment included for extended scouting flights.

  • 2x 12MP rolling shutter Sony IMX377 sensors
  • Sensor 1:
    • Zoom RGB
    • HFOV 60˚
  • Sensor 2:
    • Red + NIR (NDVI)
    • HFOV 60˚
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