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Construction/Real Estate

As Australian cities become more populated and dense, the construction industry is expanding at a significantly higher rate than ever before. Construction organisations now need to execute more complex architectural plans and naturally want to increase their competitive advantage in the market. One of the best ways to achieve this is by employing drone technology. 

Taking advantage of Sphere’s extensive collection of industry-leading UAVs, construction project managers can eliminate the need for human inspections by closely monitoring material stockpiles to ensure optimum supply levels. Likewise, advanced drone technology and accurate imaging allows building inspectors to assess any building defects onsite or remotely using a desktop, again eliminating the need for large teams of workers that need to access walls and walk across scaffolding and rooftops.   

In the cutthroat real estate industry, it’s essential to showcase properties in the most creative, attractive fashion. Better visual representations of houses and apartments deliver better sales, and at Sphere, our advanced drone technology allows realtors to showcase every impressive feature and detail to potential buyers; these can make or break a sale, or at least increase interest in a property.    

Drone imaging and videos not only provide potential buyers with attractive interactive visual elements, and deliver unique aerial perspectives which allow them to visualise or map out architectural adjustments or additions they wish execute. 

Our dedicated Sphere team members are experts in drone technology, so if you’d like to increase productivity on your construction site or take advantage of new, creative ways to showcase properties, we’re always here to help.