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Flexibility to meet your budget and your application

We believe you should never compromise on your UAV equipment. We also believe there is little value in applying capital to equipment until you are 100% certain it will meet your exact commercial requirements. For commercial applications, your drone and associated equipment must meet and indeed exceed the challenges of the solution.

The other benefits of rental include access to the very latest UAV technology and the ability to swap, tweak and tailor equipment to better meet your developing application requirements. You’ll also enjoy a fully serviced solution at all times minimising potential downtime which can mean a substantial cost saving over lost time. Come and talk to us about your application and we can determine the best rental option to meet your solution.

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Benefits of rental include access to the very latest UAV technology and the ability to swap, tweak and tailor equipment to better meet your developing application requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you can’t find an answer to your question or query on rentals in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to call us 1800 119 111 or email us at

Q. What drone equipment can I rent?

All of our world-class drone equipment is available for rent, however, as applications and use requirements vary, please contact us directly via (email / phone / Contact Us page) and we can advise you on your specific needs.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and direct debit for all rentals and security bonds.

Q. What personal information do I need to provide?

We require a copy of your Australian Driver’s Licence or government issued Proof of Age card. In addition, we also need a copy of your RePL and / or ReOC if you are flying commercially.

Q. Do I have to pay in advance or can I pay on the day?

It’s important full payment is received before we can release the rental equipment to you.

Q. If the equipment is being delivered to me, will the rental date start from when I receive the goods?

Yes. We will note the courier’s tracking details to confirm the delivery of goods. Your rental period will begin from this time.

Q. Do I pay shipping charges if the equipment is being delivered to me?

Yes. Applicable shipping charges will apply. An invoice will be generated and you can pay this online.

Q. Can I pick up the goods from the Sphere Drones location in Alexandria, NSW?

Yes. Our address is 21/110-116 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015. Please note our trading hours on the website.

Q. When does my Security Bond get returned?

The Security Bond is essentially a funds pre-authorisation. This means your funds will still be in your account but ‘pending’ payment. We will not touch these funds unless the equipment is returned late or in an unacceptable condition. Please note that bond release is subject to the processing time of your bank and may take 2-10 business days to become available funds.

Q. Do I need insurance in case of damage?

In order to rent from us, you will need to provide us an insurance Certificate of Currency – which is an official proof of your insurance. To do this, simply ask your insurance company to provide one to you. It is easy and can be done via email. Please note as part of this, you will need to inform them that Sphere Drones must be listed as an ‘interested party’ as we are officially the owner of the equipment. If the drone or drone equipment is damaged, costs for repair will have to be made via your insurance.

Q. Can I extend the length of my rental agreement?

Yes, if the equipment is still available (i.e., not booked by another party) for your required dates, you can extend your rental agreement based on the daily rental rate stated in the contract. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours prior to your current rental end date to submit your request and please formally submit your request (and all details) directly to (email / phone / Contact Us page)

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