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Noise Anomaly Detection

Published by Josh Spires on 20 January, 2022

Spot Noise Anomaly Detection

Noise anomalies across all industries are usually an indicator that something isn't working correctly or is broken. Capturing this data often requires a team to walk around a site and take measurements that are compared to previous ones. This is time consuming, costs a lot of money, and prevents people from doing more brain intensive jobs.

Boston Dynamic's Spot equipped with the CAM+ IR payload with a microphone can solve this problem.

How does noise anomaly detection work?

A robot such as Spot will be pre-programmed with a route that should be followed and told to stop at certain points along the way.

  1. Once programmed, Spot will turn itself on and begin walking around a site.
  2. During the walk Spot will be monitoring audio levels and capturing footage as extra data that can be used in diagnosing a problem remotely.
  3. Spot will stop off at its specified points and capture audio for up to 30 seconds. If it detects a difference in the accepted audio level it will notify the team.
  4. Once complete, Spot will return to its base station, recharge, transfer the data, and be ready for the next task.

Benefits of using landborne robots

  • Data can be captured at a high frequency as Spot can operate autonomously which allows issues to be detected and fixed faster.
  • More data points can be capture since Spot can work in dangerous areas that are accessible to humans.
  • Humans are removed from the equation and can be put to better use completing other tasks that are better suited.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.