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Bomb Inspection

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What are bomb inspections?

When a suspicious object is found, that usually is a bomb, the bomb squad will be sent out to investigate the situation and figure out if it is a bomb. This is commonly done by putting a person on a bomb suit requiring them to go out to the bomb, which is dangerous for obvious reasons.

How do bomb inspections work?

  1. The bomb squad is sent to the location of the bomb. They get out a drone, landborne robot, or a subsea ROV depending on the environment, sometimes a mix of all.
  2. The drone, landborne robot, or subsea ROV is sent out to the possible bomb, displaying a live feed back to the team. Once at the bomb a decision will be made to destroy it or remove it.
  3. If it needs to be destroyed the drone, landborne robot, or subsea ROV can bring explosives that will be remotely detonated to explode the bomb. Otherwise, if it's safe the object can be removed.

Benefits of using drones, landborne robots, and subsea ROVs

  • Improved safety. A person no longer has to walk up to a possible bomb and have the chance of it blowing up in their face. Using a drone, landborne robot, and subsea ROV means people can watch from a safe distance.
  • Response times can be much quicker as multiple robots can be ready at a moment's notice.

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