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Anode Inspection

Published by Josh Spires on 14 June, 2022

anode inspection subsea rov

Anodes are used across various applications and industries, playing an important role in preventing galvanic corrosion and 'taking one for the team' when it comes to extending the life of other submerged metal components.

Inspecting these anodes are important for various reasons, including, prolonging the life of components, ensuring the anode is still working, detect if any further work needs to be done, and more.

Inspecting Anodes with subsea ROVs

Anodes are found in many different environments, such as the hull of ships, pipelines, tanks, refineries to name a few, making it hard to gain access without causing shutdowns or delays. In most cases a subsea ROV can be simply dropped into the area of operations and sent on its way. No need to shut down operations for the safety of the divers.

Most subsea ROVs are equipped with additional mounting points for sensors, grippers arms, and other payloads. This means additional data can be captured and tasks undertaken in the same operation.

Benefits of using subsea ROVs

  • Improved health and safety - Divers are removed from the equation, allowing for improved health and safety of personal and means they can be leveraged in other ways.
  • Improved operational efficiency - A subsea ROV can be inspecting within minutes of setup, no need to get personal ready, ensure critical lifesaving equipment is working.
  • Lower operational cost - A combination of reduced inspection time and the removal of personal from diving means lower operational costs.
  • Added data capture - Thanks to the ability to mount external sensors more data can be captured during the inspection without adding any extra time.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.

Want to know more?

Ask your questions below and our team will get in touch with you.