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New firmware is available for RedEdge-M/MX and Altum!

01 June, 2021 | Resources

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MicaSense has announced an important new update for its DSL2 module, improving its accuracy and hardening the API interface to ensure the camera can't be crashed from bad values.

The DLS2 software has been updated to v1.3.0, which provides improved calibrations to increase data accuracy. Updating the DLS2 Software may take some time, so please do not disconnect the DLS2 from power while it is updating. If power is removed before the update is complete, the DLS2 may stop functioning properly. The camera software also updates the HTTP API to protect the camera from using potentially harmful values. Data values not in a valid range for a property will not be set and the API will return with a message notifying if any sent values are not accepted.

The firmware for your exact product can be found using this link. The version that is required for the new improvements is Version 7.3.2 for the RedEdge M/MX/Blue and Version 2.3.2 for the Altum. If you are unsure of how to complete the update, MicaSense has put together a video for the process.