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Introducing RTK support for MicaSense SkyPort Sensors!

23 September, 2021 | Resources

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With MicaSense's latest firmware update, customers with SkyPort versions of RedEdge-MX or Altum can now access high-quality and precise-geotagged multispectral data, reducing the need for Ground Control Points and time-consuming target deployments.

The SkyPort adapter facilitates data transmission and communication between drone and sensor. Set-up and pre-flight configuration are a breeze within the DJI Pilot App.

This package also comes with the DLS 2 and CRP 2, which means you can trust that your data is not only accurate but highly calibrated and can be compared across time.

An advanced sensor combined with a reliable and professional drone means that you can count on getting highly accurate georeferenced data when you need it!

Already have a SkyPort unit?

  • RedEdge M/MX/Blue updated to version 7.4.0
  • Altum updated to version 2.4.0
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