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Flyability launches Inspector 3.0, available to all Elios 2 users now!

28 April, 2021 | Resources

Featured image for Flyability launches Inspector 3.0, available to all Elios 2 users now!

After beta testing its Inspector 3.0 software with over 150 users, Flyability is ready to launch it to all Elios 2 users. The latest update allows users to access the exact location of defects using locational data already collected by the Flyability Elios 2.

Patrick Thévoz, CEO of Flyability, adds:

Inspector 3.0 represents a big step forward in our greater mission to remove the need for humans to enter confined spaces in the workplace. The ability to see the precise location of inspection data within an asset will help inspectors be more efficient and help their clients be even more productive with the results they get from inspections.

Locational Data

Inspectors today are faced with a significant issue when conduction inspections with a drone or any other type of device, the exact location of a defect are unknown. This results in inspectors using a mishmash of data points to localise their data, combining barometric measurements, maps, blueprints, and reference points in video feeds—all so they can know where something they see in a section of video footage is actually located within an asset.

Flyability has now fixed this issue by allowing users to see where the defect is in the scanned structure precisely. Inspector 3.0 can generate a sparse point cloud that shows them exactly where the defects they see in their inspection data are located within an asset, all based on data the Elios 2 already collects.

Simon Kumm, Confined Space Inspections Expert at InspecDrone GmbH, shared:

Often, we may know that there is damage inside an asset, but not know specifically where it is. Inspector 3.0 solves this problem.

Efficiency improvements

The locational data also allows users to improve its efficiency by ensuring repair crews are going to the correct area with the defect while also giving them a preview of the defect beforehand. The scaffolding screws can precisely place scaffolding in the area of the defect.

Source: Flyability