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3 drones to consider for BVLOS operations

24 August, 2021 | Resources

Featured image for 3 drones to consider for BVLOS operations

 Brand Wingcopter Autel Foxtech
Model  Wingcopter 198 Dragonfish Baby Shark
Product Image
Payloads Flexible
  • 4k 20xZoom, 48MP Wide, or
  • 4k Zoom, 48MP Wide & 640x512 Radiometric Thermal, or
  • Multispectral, or
  • Other
  • 30x Optical Zoom (1080p 60fps) 640x480 Thermal 2 Axis Gimbal, or
  • 30x Optical Zoom (1080p 60fps) 2 Axis Gimbal, or
  • 12MP 3.5x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom, 4k Video 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 2x flight controllers
  • 6x IMUs
  • 2x barometers
  • 2x dual-antenna GNSS systems
  • 2x rainproof airspeed sensors
  • Dual IMU
  • Dual Barometer
  • Dual Compass
  • Dual GNSS System
  • TBC
MTOW 25kg 7.8kg 12kg
Max Payload 5kg 1.5kg 1.5kg
ADS-B Yes No No
3G/4G/5G Connectivity Yes No No
Satellite Telemetry Yes No No
Wind Resistance 15-20m/s (Level 7-8) 11-13m/s (Level 6) None Stated
IP Rating Suitable for Ops in coastal/offshore. No Ops during heavy rain, icing conditions, hail/thunderstorms IP43 None Stated
Operating Temperature Range 0-45ºC -20ºC - 50ºC None Stated
Endurance 1.5hrs 2hrs 2.5hrs
Cruise Speed
  • 100km/h
  • Max Cruise Speed 140km/h
Max Speed 108km/h
  • 80km/h
  • Max Cruise Speed 110km/h
Maximum Range 75km-110km 15-30km
  • 8km
  • Subject to RCM Certification: 45km with DL900 15-40km with RB20 Signal Relay System
AUD RRP $290000 + GST $146000 + GST (Incl. Dual Sensor Payload) ~$40,000 (Incl FH230 Gimbal)
Addition Accessories
  • Gimbal selected to order
  • Integration costs TBC Expect ~$25,000
Thermal Option RRP + $25,000USD
  • FH230 TR 30X Optical Zoom Camera with 2-axis Gimbal ~$10,000AUD
  • SEEKER-30 TIR 30X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal ~$25,000AUD