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Autonomous drone solution for security, safety & operations

23 April, 2020 | Resources

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Watch our webinar Autonomous Drone System for Security, Safety and Operation with our guest Ron Hoffman, the Australian Country Manager of Percepto.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Ron Hoffman has a proven track record in driving the adoption of technology-driven innovation in Australia and the wider APAC region. With thriving mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities and cargo industries, the market potential for Percepto as global leader in autonomous drone solutions is proving to be vast.

In the webinar, Ron will outline the role of an autonomous drone system throughout a number of these industires, highlighting the actionable insights that a system such as Percepto is able to provide.

If you would like to learn more about autonomous drone systems or Percepto, please join us in this webinar.


  • Percepto the company - including where we are deployed
  • Percepto the platfom (drone, box, CMS)
  • Reports/insights/machine vision
  • Regulatory status - global, Australia