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An Introduction to Drone Security

23 April, 2020 | Resources

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In this webinar, Mike Monnik, Chief Technology Officer of DroneSec and Paris Cockinos, Chief Executive Officer of Sphere Drones discuss the whole gamut of security within the context of drones. They are looking at hacking vectors, protecting assets and environments from rogue drones, implementing security into a drone programs and even protecting your customers with drone threat intelligence.

DroneSec covers all aspects of an organisations drone security program. Offensive activities such as red team engagements to test Counter-Drone systems and defensive operations such as their Drone Threat Intelligence Platform are just some of the services provided to global law enforcement and aviation authorities. DroneSec has been the industry standard for drone security frameworks, guidelines, knowledge share and training since 2016.


  • Attack Vectors
  • Drones Used for Bad
  • Counter-Drone Systems
  • Drone Threat Intelligence
  • Drone Forensics
  • Future Outlook
  • Q&A