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Phantom 2 Vision + Battery

20 November, 2014 | Resources

The battery is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle to drone flying - I mean, it is what keeps the drone up and flying.

So here's some things you should know about the battery.

Practical features:

  • Balance Charging - automatically balances the voltage of each cell whilst charging
  • Capacity Display - shows the current battery level
  • Communication - the battery and the controller communicate live information during flight, keeping you updated on battery volatge, capacity etc.
  • Can't overcharge - the batter automatically stops when the battery voltage reaches 12.8V to prevent damage caused by overcharging
  • Short Circuit Protection - automatically cuts off the power supply when a short circuit is detected
  • Power conservation - battery enters a sleep mode after being inactive for 10 minutes in order to conserve battery life
  • Temperature control - battery will only charge when the temperature is between 0℃ and 55℃

Technical features:

  • Battery capacity of 5200MAh
  • Voltage of 11.1V
  • Charge-discharge management functionality

Now the batteries for the Phantom 2 and the Phantom 2 Vision + are the same - so you can order as many as you like without worrying if it will suit your drone. 

For further information regarding your drone battery please contact us on (02) 9344 9111 or at

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