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Vision Range Breakdown

Jack Cockinos | 15 September, 2014 | Resources

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Range

 There are some very common questions that we're asking about the Vision range, whether its FPV or what drone is better suited to my needs. Here's some of the common questions answers. Hopefully the Vision Range breakdown helps you decide which is best for you. 

All DJI Phantoms (vision+ or 2) are inclusive of FPV. 

The max range you can get out of the FPV (using an iPhone) is around 700m - however better to be safe than sorry and not push it that far. However if you do accidentally exceed the remote control range it will trigger the 'return to home' function. This means the drone will automatically fly back to its take off point and land safely. 

The Phantom 2 (H3-2D/3D) gimbal) provides you with the most range. This is because the transmitter in the Vision+ (5.8Ghz frequency) has a range of <700m. Whereas, the Phantom 2 transmitter (2.4Ghz frequency) has an estimated 1.5km range. 

For drone to support downlinking footage to the ground all you need is the Sphere FPV Combo Kit

For more information about which DJI Drone is for you, read this. 

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