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How to install Sphere's FPV COMBO on your Drone

Jack Cockinos | 29 May, 2014 | Resources


Great, now you have bought the FPV combo or are considering purchasing one. We constantly upgrade components on our FPV combos as we find higher quality products or technologies. Our first FPV version contained a single antenna 7" LCD display and externally mounted battery and receiver . And now we have upgraded our FPV combo to a  7" LCD display with dual diversity receiver and rechargeable battery included in one package. With both these FPV combos a charger is required to charge the battery. Its is not included in the package.

Setting up the FPV combo is straight forward. The package includes a 7" LCD monitor with receiver and antennas, DJI AVL58 transmitter, iOSD mini, FPV cables/hub and mounting bracket.

If you are not confident with installing any of these products we can install for you. Contact us or (02) 9344 9111 for further assistance.  

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