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01 Sep

DJI have completely reimagined the capabilities of the Ronin to create the Ronin 2. It enables filmmakers to capture exactly what they can imagine for the scene. With new and improved features, the R2 is a solid revolutionary piece of technology. Not only is it lightweight and strong but also customisable, a truly amazing tool for filmmakers to create and shoot with ease and comfort.

Its made to be cross compatible with other stabilisation systems which lets it hook up to different rigs, from being mounted to a car for a high speed chase to then being attached to a cable, the shots are perfect every time. Of course it also allows it to be handheld for smooth cinematic visuals.  

A major change from the Ronin is that now the R2 can have a max camera payload of around 14kg as it is manufactured with carbon fibre fluid, making it the highest quality manufacturing ever in a hand held stabiliser rig. This is also thanks to the implementation of higher-torque motors allowing the higher payload without having to sacrifice speed.

With the implemented functionalities of extended arms, it allows the rig to support bigger camera bodies as well as lenses. For better ad easier balancing, tuning and transportation, locks are integrated on all three axis. Now with the new 2-axis lock, greater camera control and mobility options are granted.

Knobs on the rig allow for quick fine tuning and adjustments the filmmakers wishes to make, similarly the brand new quick release mount assists with transferring from handheld to vehicle mounts easy.

All of these new implementations allow for faster set up meaning less time shooting. However they would not be possible without the help of the newly integrated dual battery system which is remarkable for its hot swap system. If the batteries are low on power you can interchange them without having to stop filming. The camera and accessories can also be powered by the R2's batteries making the battery problem a thing of the past.

You can now control the R2 with a wireless control as well as the improved Gimbal Assistant App allowing complete control over the R2.

The cameras it can support vary from cinema grade professionals to simple DSLRs.


ARRI Alexa Mini

Black Magic Ursa Mini



More Cameras

Angeniewx Optimo Anamorphic56-152 A-2s

Arri Master Prime Lenses up to 150mm
Arri Master Anamorphic Lense
Canon CN7x17 Kas S 17-120mm T2.95
Fujinon ZK19-90mm T2.9
Canon EF Lenses up to 400mm
Canon CN-E Prime Lenses
Zeiss Compact Zoom Lenses
Sony CineAlta 4K Lens series
E-Mount Lenses
Ari Ultra Prime Lenses
A-mount Lenses up to 300mm F/2.8G II
Lens Compatibility varies regarding camera

It is quite the piece of technology that is changing the game for filmmakers everywhere.

For any inquiries about the Ronin 2, give us a call or email us and one of our Sphere Team members will be in contact as soon as possible.