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Sphere Drones in the News: Ausbiz & Kalkine Media

30 August, 2021 | Newsroom

Featured image for Sphere Drones in the News: Ausbiz & Kalkine Media

Sphere Drones' CEO Paris Cockinos was recently featured on both Ausbiz's Startup Daily & Kalkine Media talking about the history of Sphere Drones and Sphere Group and the exciting future ahead for drones and robotics.

Watch Paris on Kalkine Media

The use of industrial robots in manufacturing and industrial facilities continues to rapidly evolve. collaborative robots, commercial drone technology, AI-enabled robots and self-healing robots are few emerging trends that seem to be here to stay. Paris Cockinos, CEO of Sphere Group tells us more.

Watch Paris on Ausbiz - Startup Daily

We look at the big picture for drones in Australia and the world with Paris Cockinos from Sphere Drones.

About Sphere Drones

Proudly Australian-owned and an operating entity since 1954, we carry and supply the world's best UAV brands and accessories and provide end-to-end system solutions that create outcomes that not only work but give our clients a cost-effective and competitive edge. Sphere Drones currently have offices in NSW & WA with impending expansion for a VIC base. Check us out at

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