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Sphere Drones Becomes Distributor of FLIR Systems Thermal Imaging products for Drones

Josh Spires | 23 April, 2019 | Newsroom

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Sphere Drones has recently become an Australian distributor for FLIR Systems, a global leader in thermal imaging solutions. Sphere Drones CEO, Paris Cockinos says, “we are delighted to collaborate with FLIR to sell its thermal imaging products. Pairing their innovative infrared technology with drones opens up a range of possibilities.”

In Australia, a number of industries can utilise thermography to avoid costly and dangerous project with thermal imaging being used in a diverse range of applications. FLIR technology is likely to have a significant impact in Law Enforcement, the Oil and Gas Industry, Firefighting, Utility Inspections and Research. Thermal Imaging certainly allows for low risk, non-intrusive inspections and reduces occupational health and safety issues.

Sphere Drones now offer a wide selection of FLIR thermal imaging payloads. The Sphere Drones team are excited to consult with people from a plethora of industries about how they can best utilise thermal imaging technology.

“Sphere Drones will help expand FLIR’s sUAS offerings to Australian drone pilots and introduce more people to the power of thermal imaging in the region,” said Randall Warnas, Global sUAS Segment Leader for the OEM+E Division at FlIR Systems. “We look forward to working closely with Sphere’s team to equip customers with technology that will improve daily drone operations for a range of applications.”

To kick off the collaboration with FLIR, Sphere Drones will be running a Webinar alongside FLIR’s Randall Warnas to explore the basics of thermal imaging and discuss various thermal imaging case studies.

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