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What is the Curo drone platform and how does it work?

Published by Josh Spires on 27 February, 2021, updated on 06 August, 2021.

What is the Curo drone platform and how does it work?

Curo is our drone platform that combines program management with end-to-end client support services to make it easier to maintain compliance and productivity in the drone world. Curo can be broken down into eight main areas to make it easier to take in and understand what exactly it is capable of.

The eight areas are notifications, data and analytics, flight records, user profiles, order management, case management, asset management, and operational compliance.


Curo allows you to set up automated notifications across a range of functions, triggered by customisable events. For example, if a pilot flies outside of the planned flight area, the Chief Remote Pilot will receive an email letting them know.

Data and analytics

Data and analytics are at the center of Curo. You can easily access data through Curo’s dashboard, including total flights, average distance per flight, average air time per flight, and the number of pilots across your organisation. You also get a glimpse of the number of assets your organisation has broken down into drones, batteries, and others. All of this data can also be extracted if required.

Flight records

All flights can be automatically tracked and recorded into Curo, providing a comprehensive database of all the finer details of your field operations. Flight records link back to the pilot, drone asset, battery asset, flight time, service date, and other data based on the drone and pilot logs.

User profiles

Keeping track of your pilots can be a challenging task when it’s not all in one system. Curo solves this by giving every pilot their own profile that links to their flight history, the drones used, their accreditations, and anything else they might add to the system.

Order management

Curo stores and manages all of your previous drone program purchasing records to allow for straightforward warranty claims and track products you’ve purchased.

Case Management

Curo has a built-in case management system that tracks the progress and communication channels of after-sales support provided by the Sphere Drones team. This includes general enquiries, Care Refresh and Warranty Claims, Repairs, Maintenance, and Defect reporting from your operations. The case management system includes basic reminders for conducting services on your assets and provides full integration with the Sphere Drones Service and Maintenance programs so that your assets are never unserviceable when you need them.

Asset management

Curo’s asset management feature allows you to log all of your drones, batteries, payloads, and accessories on the platform to track things like warranties, maintenance, registration, ownership, support cases, and any related flight records. If you need to know anything about an asset within your program, Curo has it all in one spot.

Operational compliance

All of the above allows Curo to keep its users compliant with local laws and regulations that must be followed when operating a drone or fleet of drones for commercial purposes.

Bonus: Sphere Drones support

Since Sphere Drones offers Curo, you have access to some of the most talented individuals in the industry to answer your questions and support you with any issues that might arise.

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.

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