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The latest and best agricultural drone by DJI, the AGRAS T16

Published by Josh Spires on 23 April, 2020, updated on 23 April, 2021.

The latest and best agricultural drone by DJI, the AGRAS T16

When it comes to power optimised for essential agricultural operations, there is no better option than the DJI Agras T16. Thanks to a robust modular design, a 16-liter tank and incredible 3D planning, the Agras T16 has significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

Today, farmers are open to using new forms of technology to maximise their productivity when spraying or sowing. DJI’s agricultural solutions, such as the Agras T16, provide them with the tools they need to do just that. As challenging as it is to thrive in the agricultural world, agricultural drones have accelerated the search for the farmer to meet the needs of the sector.

Here are some reasons why the Agras T16 is the perfect solution for your farm, from the elimination of pests and diseases to crops, to the reduction of the environmental impact, to safety and precision in field operations. Available now at Sphere Drones HERE


Improved operational efficiency

Working with dangerous chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, poses many risks to the health of people and livestock. However, a drone that can lift 16 liters of liquid, has four dispensing pumps and eight sprinklers and can spray 4.8 liters / minute, is undoubtedly a step forward compared to manual operations. Farmers can now cover around 24.7 acres per hour without frequently coming into contact with dangerous chemicals. This not only increases productivity and ensures safer practices, but also reduces the amount of work needed during sowing or spraying operations. To put it simply, Agras T16 helps save time and money by keeping people and livestock out of harm’s way.

The innovative features simplify the integration of drones

The use of powerful aerial equipment is not an easy task. Unless one is a professional pilot and has mastered all aspects of aerial spraying, much can go wrong rather quickly. Fortunately, features such as Digital Beam Forming (DBF) imaging radar, an AI engine and a wide-angle FPV camera ease the challenges facing novice pilots. The DBF imaging radar allows the Agras T16 to detect the surrounding environment, night and day. During the flight, pilots can rely on avoiding obstacles in the drone and on its horizontal FOV to prevent splashes or accidental collisions. The wide-angle FPV camera offers pilots a penetrating live views and a spotlight ensures safety even during night operations. Safety is vital and with Agras T16 farmers can rest assured knowing that they can avoid potentially dangerous situations whenever they choose to operate.

3D planning digitizes agriculture

Perhaps the most impressive justification for using the Agras T16 are the complete digital solutions that have guaranteed efficient workflows. The Phantom 4 RTK helps collect valuable data, such as images of various terrains, in less than 25 minutes. DJI Terra processes your data and helps operators produce 2D maps and 3D models to create flight routes and obtain detailed maps. Agras T16 can act on these flight plans and protect your crops. This is an innovative way of optimising the workflow and increasing operational efficiency. With DJI Agriculture Management Platforms, data can be evaluated and used to further consolidate flight plans. These solutions, together with the Agras T16, offer farmers a fantastic solution for managing livestock, navigating difficult terrain and carrying out an accurate assessment of crops.

Incredible single pilot operation

A single remote control of the Agras T16 can control up to five drones. This eliminates the need for multiple pilots to fly simultaneously, significantly reducing costs. Different land raises different problems for farmers. Fortunately, Agras T16, together with various agricultural solutions, are ready to face these challenges. The combination of Agras T16 and DJI Terra introduces a new Orchard mode. Farmers can use 3D operational planning to identify and evaluate orchards before the start of spraying. The innovative slope angle detection technology simplifies navigation uphill or through mountainous terrain. In addition, most spraying or sowing needs can be easily met with one of the many smart modes dedicated to flat ground operations.

Legal operation of Agras T16

Although these features are interesting to learn and even more interesting to try, Agras T16 users must understand the legality behind the operation of a spray drone. Users should follow all local rules and regulations which describe in detail how to become a pilot, rules for operation and how to obtain an official license. Users should also read the Agras T16 Safety and Disclaimer Guidelines for essential information on drone operations. Pesticides pose serious health risks, as mentioned above, and should be used in accordance with their specifications. Other important rules include avoiding use in densely populated areas, wearing protective clothing and maintaining full control of the drone at all times. Learn more about the technical specifications of the new Agras T16 HERE.

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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.