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Industrial Application

Published by Alex Profilio on 28 September, 2016, updated on 06 July, 2021.

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Have you ever wondered how else you could use your drone? Drones can be used for the following industrial applications:

  • Farming
  • Media
  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Mapping
  • Surveying/GIS
  • Construction/Real Estate
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Science & Research
  • Delivery
  • Sport

Have a read below for more information on each industrial application:

Farming: The latest drone technology has contributed to an agricultural revolution that will change farming forever. Using a drone in farming will help you identify problems amongst crops or farm animals, monitor the growth of crops, save time by covering larger areas of land in a shorter amount of time, improved quality of data information, provides clear aerial imagery used for comparing data, surveying and inspecting.

Read our blogs 'Drones Have Shaken the Agricultural Industry''Drones Used to Track Wildlife' and 'Drones Trialled to Help Reduce Billion-Dollar Invasive Pest Animal Problem' to further understand the industrial application of a drone.


Media: Drone Journalism has officially been labelled a 'thing'. Using a drone has become one of the most powerful tools for any newsroom. It provides unique news coverage, offer unique access to stories that an on-the-ground reporter wouldn't be capable of capturing, enables viewers to watch news video in real time, footage allows journalists to understand the extent of events and record efforts of individuals and draw a higher percentage of viewers.


Aerial Photography/Video: Capturing amazing footage has been made extremely simple with the use of a drone. Fly it up in the sky to capture epic shots, stunts or footage from live shows or events that are hard to access by a basic camera. Aerial photography and videography can be used by anyone! It will mostly benefit any professional photographer who wishes to take their photography to another level, giving your imagery and videos a competitive edge.

Read our blog 'Drones Capture Sydney NYE Firework Show' to further understand the industrial application of a drone.


Mapping: Capturing on-demand maps has become as simple as clicking a button on the remote controller of a drone. You can even fly your drone at various levels to achieve the result you want, and at a any resolution you want. Convert your image into 3D terrain models instantly and simplify the process of taking basic distance and area calculations. Want to use  your image to stockpile volume analysis, sight lines or measure the grade of a surface for road planning or water runoff? Well this is all possible too! Simply convert your image to a computer model for analysis that will help with planning or monitoring your projects. 


Surveying/GIS: Measurement accuracy, Positional accuracy, Significant time and cost savings compared with conventional sensors, Improved safety for your employees, Measurement of hard to reach objects (landfills, mining areas, dumps quarries), Create DTM's (Digital Terrain Models), Simple creation of 3D models, Set waypoints so your drone can fly according to planned survey flights.


Construction/Real Estate: Want to gain greater exposure on your building developments? Want to draw more customer attention to your potential buyers? Using a drone to capture aerial imagery and videography of the work site or house will give you a leading edge over your competitors by taking your advertising and promotion to another level. Imagery captured by a drone is ideal for capturing large terrains of property and apartment blocks whilst videography allows you to focus on their unique features and really draw customers attention to key details. Happy selling! 

Read our blogs 'Drones Used for Construction' and 'Drone Photography Changing the Face of Real Estate' to further understand the industrial application of a drone.


Security/Surveillance: Using a drones to conduct surveillance has proved to be an effective and efficient means of operation. It is recognised as a highly functional form of air support that is cost-effective and still completing the work of an ordinary helicopter. The advantage of using a drone for surveillance is that they do not require an extensive time for preparation time and are immediately ready for air support. In addition, the footage captured through your surveillance drone can allow you to complete a comprehensive scan on recordings which simplifies the drawing up of accident reports. 


Science & Research: Ever thought that a drone would be used for science and research applications? Well it definitely is and the sooner you apply it the sooner your work will become a lot easier! Use a drone to capture aerial images that provide you with an overall overview from different perspectives, as well as precise mapping and measuring of land in a way that will not disturb the environment. 


Delivery: It is without a doubt that drone delivery will be a common sight within the near future! Many delivery companies across the world are working towards programming a drone delivery plan to please their customers even more. Examples of these include Amazon Prime Air service and DHL who have been working towards a delivery program over the past year. So what's in it for you as the operator? Well... Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, Meet consumer demands which increases customer orders and Increase Reliability. Whats in it for the customer? Imagine receiving a pizza within half the time it would usually take for it to be delivered, or receiving a pair of shoes that you never had time to physically go to the shops to purchase. Happy days!

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Sport: There is an extensive range of drones on the market that are ideal for capturing sporting moments. Using a drone for sporting purposes can benefit many people in the industry. It benefits the actual sportsperson as it can capture amazing aerial footage of the team or individual playing a sport, it can benefit a coach as the drone can record a training session or game and allow the team and coach to re-watch the recording to monitor team or individual progress. In addition, it is able to benefit the media as footage can be televised and footage can be used as a promotional tool.

Read our blog 'Drones Used in Sport' to further understand the industrial application of a drone.


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Interested? Talk to our team

For inquiries or more information, please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as we can.