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Drone monitors Turtles on Raine Island

12 September, 2016 | The Sphere Drones Blog

The emerging need and use of drones has become increasingly recognised by all including the QLD State Government. 

Raine Island is known for its major green turtle nesting site and shoreline which attracts 60,000 green turtles each year. Recently, the QLD State Government have recognised the impact of rising water levels on turtle eggs in the nesting site. Observations have concluded that rising water has caused eggs to be swamped, killing baby turtles before even being hatched. 

As a result, members of the QLD State Government reshaped the island to ensure the nesting area remained above flooding level. 

A drone was employed to monitor and evaluate the success of the turtle conservation project throughout the 2015-2016 nesting season. Using the drone has allowed professionals to compare the level of the nesting area to ‘non’ nesting areas along the islands coast line and the impact they have on the turtles. Imagery taken with the drone has revealed that the project has been a major success (Cairns Post, National Parks Minister, Steven Miles). 


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