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Ten cool things you can do with a drone

27 January, 2016 | The Sphere Drones Blog

The moment you purchase your drone you are officially a 'professional photographer'!


Ten cool things you can do with a drone…

  1. Take a ‘Dronie’ - That's right! You can take the best selfie ever by using a drone, and multiple too!
  2. Capture your ‘Yolo’ moments - ever wanted to take footage of a crazy bike ride through the mountains or abseiling down a world famous rock? Well now you can!
  3. Agricultural helpers - There has been an increasing need and use of drones on Australian farms. The reason for this is because drones can provide aerial surveys of crops, check on the operation of their irrigation system, check up on crop growth and identify pesticides. Effective and efficient? We think so!
  4. Film live events - Have you seen the NYE 2016 Live Broadcast of Fireworks over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House?! Ah-ma-zing!
  5. Impress your friends - Be the cool kid on the block and show off to your friends with your drone! Your friends will love you for it!
  6. Inspect your crops - No need to leave the couch, you can now fly your drone over your veggie patch to see how they are travelling
  7. Spy on the dog & cat - Ever wandered what your dog or cat is up to when you're not around? You can now keep an eye on them and they wouldn't even know!
  8. 3D Mapping - Onboard and post-processing software of the drone can capture high-resolution maps to provide you with the accurate aerial data you need
  9. Beer delivery - Fancy a beer? have it delivered straight to your door!
  10. Relive your memories through amazing footage - You can take your family and friends through your footage and let them feel like they've experienced first hand with you.


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