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CNN jumps on board!

Published by Paris Cockinos on 04 December, 2015

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Once a round-the-clock cable TV network, CNN now wants to explore the use of the drone as a tool for newsgathering - “legally”.

The use of the drone would be similar to that of a helicopter so it “allows us the flexibility to deal with breaking news” CNN Senior Vice President David Vigilante stated in The Australian. 

The drone has already been used for newsgathering in less restrictive countries and has helped show the “scope of recent protests in Thailand and Hong Kong and were used in the ABC’s coverage of the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks”. Use of drones in the news sphere was also employed by the BBC and CBS News for reporting purposes, capturing videography on contaminated areas around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. 

Freelance and citizen journalists across the US have already used the drone to film the aftermath of auto wrecks, tornadoes, floods and other events. It has been reported that footage taken from the drone of major events has often been sold to news networks for media purposes.

How great will it be once it is legal!

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