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Hobby Drone Fliers

16 October, 2014 | The Sphere Drones Blog

We recently published a blog post in regards to the CASA legislation and licensing for drone users.

This topic is still greatly discussed and equally confused among drone owners. 

The following restrictions apply to all of our hobby drone fliers out there- meaning you aren't selling or profiting from the footage or picture captured from your phone. 

To escape hefty fines (up to $8'500) from CASA theres some simple regulations that you need to follow. 

  • Stay at least 30 metres away from people when flying your drone
  • Keep your drone under 400 feet (121.92 metres) 
  • You cannot fly your drone about a large gathering of people - sporting event, crowds or groups of protestors
  • You must keep your drone within your own sight while your flying it
  • You MUST NOT operate your drone within 5km of an airport 
If you don't comply with these regulations, CASA can and will fine you.
    When your next in the sky, make sure your head isn't in the clouds. 

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