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Drones used in Sport

15 Sep

SYDNEY, NSW: 15 September 2015 - The use of drones in pre, during and post season training has become an increasing trend on both a national and international scale. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, Australian NFL and AFL teams have employed drones to video their time on the field and gain a whole new aerial perspective in training. The use of drones to record training sessions has enabled sporting coaches to identify flaws within their team and utilise this information to constantly improve. UK Newspaper, Express, also confirms the increasing use of drones within international Football associations who utilise drones for the “aerial perspective of their practice matches and training”. 

Managing Director of Sphere Communications, Jack Cockinos, has directly dealt with Australian sporting teams to utilise the benefits of the drone in the sporting arena. Mr Cockinos describes the vision of the drones as “supreme”, he further recognises the “clarity” of a high definition drone camera. 

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