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Webinar | Tethered UAVs for surveillance, rescue and industrial inspection

Josh Spires | 06 July, 2020 | Events

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Date & Time

Wed. 16 September 2020 - Wed. 16 September 2020
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm AEST


Battery-limited flight time and the need for risk-free operation have become major challenges with the increased use of drones for observation, data collection and telecommunications. Tethered drones, and more specifically tethered drone stations, are the ideal solution, combining durability, security and flexibility.

Join Steve Allcock from Elistair and the team at Sphere Drones as we discuss all you need to know about tethered drone technology and how it is being used among the UAV sector.


  • Introduction
  • Elistair Background
  • Elistair Tethered Solutions
  • Use cases
  • Tethered Solutions in Australia
  • Q&A

About Elistair 

Our range of stations offer increased safety, unlimited autonomy and high speed data transfer to drones, enabling a wide new range of applications as aerial surveillance or temporary telecommunications.

Our tethered stations are powerful and compact tools, easy to use and flexible: based on Elistair patented micro-tether technology, they can be connected to various types of drones, come with safety features, connectivity options and an android app (Safe-T station), and have been chosen by industrial groups, governments and first responders (Thales, Securitas, Police forces, Engie, the US Army or Paris Airports…)  all over the world.

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